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Information for New Mothers

Information for New Mothers

Planning child birth is a very important event during pregnancy.

Following things need to be considered in order to get the best possible outcome for the mother and baby.

  1. Delivery should be planned in a hospital where intensive care facilities exist for both mother and baby . This does not mean pessimistic thinking but just being prepared in case things do not go as per plan.

  2. During pregnancy , things might not always go smoothly. Conditions like high blood pressure, leaking of fluid, bleeding can complicate health of the mother as well as baby. In such cases, delivery might happen before the due date and premature baby may be born. The final outcome of such premature baby depends on the care provided at the time of birth and immediately after birth. Hence, where premature delivery is anticipated or likely, it is better to deliver in a place which has expertise in dealing with such babies. These premature babies need special expertise and equipment which is available only in few select hospitals. These babies are cared for in Neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) and Neonatologists/Neonatal intensivists (Pediatricans with additional qualification in neonatology) are best equipped to look after them. Caring by Neonatologists ensures good outcome for the baby.

  3. It is useful to meet the Neonatologist if any of the following high risk factors exist in pregnancy. A plan can be then detailed to as to get best care for the baby.

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Bleeding during pregnancy
  • Twins/Triplets
  • IVF pregnancy
  • Possibility of delivering a premature baby.
  • Possibility of any congenital malformation in the baby.