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Going Home After the Baby is Born

Going Home After the Baby is Born

When can babies and moms go home ?

Healthy, full-term babies can be discharged from hospital after a complete physical examination. These babies must have:

  • A normal temperature
  • Two successful normal feedings
  • Urinated and passed a bowel movement
  • Received all necessary medications, such as antibiotics to prevent eye infection and vitamin K
  • Received any necessary immunizations (such as hepatitis B)
  • Undergone screening tests to detect certain problems, such as hypothryroidism. If tests have not been done, arrangements should have been made for these to occur after discharge.

Mothers are also checked to ensure that they are well, able to recognize illness in the baby, comfortable caring for the baby, and have mastered the basics of breastfeeding.

What should be in place before a baby is discharged ?

New moms need training on how to properly care for the baby at home. This training usually occurs in the months before delivery and is reinforced after the baby is born. It includes advice and information about feeding, detecting jaundice, dehydration and infection.

What should be done after the baby is sent home?

Within 48 hours of going home, babies should be assessed for weight, jaundice, feeding, and general health. Any required screening tests should be completed. The doctor will also ask new parents questions about how the family is getting along.