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Rainy Season Precautions

Rainy Season Precautions

During the rainy season infections are very common. The common infections that are seen in children are as follows

  1. Cough, cold and fever (Flu)
  2. Loose motions

These infections are usually mild. However sometimes serious infections such as Pneumonia, malaria, brain fever, typhoid, dengue fever can also happen. Fortunately most of these serious infections can be prevented if certain precautions are taken.

List of precautions to be taken :

  1. Keep your environment clean. This will prevent breeding of mosquitoes which transmitdengue, malaria and brain fever.
  2. Always use mosquito repellents (Skin creams or commercially available vaporizers) if staying in mosquito infested areas. Some kids are very sensitive to these products and hence parents need to speak with the pediatrician before using it on their child.
  3. Use careful selection of food and drink.
  4. Only use clean water. Buy it bottled or make sure it has been brought to a rolling boil for at least one minute before you drink it.
  5. Ask for drinks without ice unless the ice is made from bottled or boiled water.
  6. Only eat foods that have been thoroughly cooked.
  7. Avoid raw vegetables and fruits that cannot be peeled.
  8. When you eat raw fruits or vegetables that can be peeled, wash your hands with soap, then peel them yourself. Do not eat the peelings.
  9. Avoid foods and beverages from street vendors.
  10. Wash your hands with soap after using the toilet every time.
  11. Wash your hands with soap before meals.
  12. Do not go to public places if you are sick. This will help in prevention of transmission of illness to others.
  13. Make sure that your immunization schedule is up-to-date. Vaccines are available to protect against typhoid, hepatitis A and certain types of pneumonia and Flu.

These simple precautions will go a long way in keeping the kids healthy during the rainy season.