• Neonatal Intensive care unit is a special ward where premature babies and babies less than 1 month are treated. This ward is specially designed to prevent infection and create an environment which is very similar to mother’s womb. Such babies are treated by Neonatologists (Pediatricians with additional qualification in Neonatology).
  • Pediatric intensivist is a pediatrician who has been trained to treat very sick children using modern equipment. Successful completion of a training course in pediatric intensive care is mandatory for certification as a pediatric intensivist. It has been shown that outcome of children is better in PICU supervised by trained Pediatric Intensivist than in ICUs where a trained pediatric intensivist is not available.
  • Following accident, trauma, drowning, etc
    • Various breathing disorders (asthma, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, etc) which do not respond to standard treatment and need additional respiratory support.
    • Children with very high or low blood pressure.
    • Convulsions not responding to treatment, children with markedly decreased level of consciousness.
    • Children needing dialysis.
    • Suspected ingestion of toxic substances.
    • After various operations
    • Severe infections
      This list is by no means comprehensive and a decision to admit a child to the PICU has to be taken by responsible doctor.
  • Majority of the admitted children do well. The outcome is even better for those who are otherwise constitutionally healthy. Various conditions which would have been considered fatal in the past are now amenable to cure and complete recovery. Advances in pediatric critical care have increased the life expectancy of children and has also improved the quality of life.
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